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Plugin Manager - Creating Basic ARK Editor Plugins

To create a basic Ark Editor plugin:

  1. Download the plugin you wish to modify, from here: For this example we will use the 'Word Count' plugin.
  2. Create a new folder named ‘wordcount’ on your desktop.
  3. Open the downloaded Word Count plugin. You will see the screen below.
  1. Copy the wordcount file folder to your newly created wordcount folder.
  2. Open up an Ark Editor plugin that you have installed, for example the ‘Mediaembed’ plugin.
  1. Copy the ‘index’ HTML document and paste it in your wordcount folder.
  2. Copy the ‘Mediaembed’ XML document, paste it in your wordcount folder and rename it to ‘wordcount’.

You now need to edit the contents of the newly named ‘wordcount’ XML document.

  1. Right click on the ‘wordcount’ document and click on ‘Edit with Notepad+ +’or your favourite text editor. You will see the screen below.

You need to make the following alterations:

  1. Change the ‘name’ from ‘MediaEmbed’ to ‘Wordcount’.
  2. Change the name of the ‘author’ to the name of the author of the Word Count plugin (if this is not known, you can type ‘not known’) and add that it was modified by you.
  3. Change the ‘creationDate’, to this month and year.
  4. Change the ‘authorEmail’ and ‘authorUrl’, to your email and URL.
  5. Under ‘description’, change the name to ‘The ArkEditor Wordcount plugin’ and add a description of what the plugin does.
  6. As the Word Count plugin is a system plugin there is no button for it therefore it doesn’t require an icon so delete the line that begins with the icon tag.
  7. As this is a basic plugin it won’t have a PHP file so you need to delete the line that begins ‘< filename plugin’.
  8. On the next line add ‘plugin=“wordcount”’ to the ‘filename’ tag.
  9. Finally, change the folder name to ‘wordcount’ and save the document.

Next, you need to compress your ‘wordcount’ folder, by right clicking on the folder and selecting ‘Send to’ > ‘Compressed (zipped) folder’.

You can now install the folder into the editor via ‘Extensions’ > ‘Extension Manager’.

Under `Upload Package File’ click on `Browse...’, select the ‘wordcount’ Zip file and click on `Upload & Install’.

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