Below you will find documentation on how to use our software. This contains easy-to-use steps by step guides with helpful screenshots on how to configure and get the best results.


Getting Started

Joomla Content Editor's like the one used on this site, provide an editing interface which resembles how the page will be displayed in your web browser. These editor's allow for typing, pasting, deleting and manipulation of your article or document. The goal is that, at all times during editing, the rendered result should represent what will be seen, later on your website.

So if you want to know how to get the best editing experience out of your site, read on…

The editor does this by creating containers, by default. This is because HTML was originally created to put the content of the page into some sort of structure. These containers are used to hold anything that would be structured as a paragraph, while there are other containers such as div's and span's which are reserved for general use, for facilitating formatting and grouping of related elements.

Creating paragraph containers

Let’s look at how this works! When you press the 'Return' key the editor will create a new P (Paragraph) container.

You can see these p containers in the editor by, selecting the 'Elements' tab which will highlight the containers in your page.

As you can see, being in 'Elements' mode is very helpful as it allows us to see these HTML containers and where they start and end.

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