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Working with WYSIWYG images

Adding images to your pages, is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do, to grab and hold the attention of your readers. The saying by Frederick R "a picture is worth a thousand words", endorses the fact that an image tells a story, just as well as a large amount of descriptive text on your page.

In HTML an image is defined with the ‘<img>’ tag which is followed by the ‘src’ attribute which stands for ‘source’.  The ‘src’ attribute, basically tells your web browser, where the image file is located on your server.

It looks something like this, in your HTML code:

<img src="/images/my_image_location.png" />

Adding images

Let’s start by adding an image. To do this, select the 'Image' button as seen in point (1.)  below which will load up the Ark Media Manager.

Select an image as seen in point (2.) and then click on the 'Insert' button as seen in point (3.). This will take you to the image editing screen.

Here you can edit the image, if you wish.

Once you are happy with your image, click on the 'Insert Into Content' button, to insert the image in your article - job done!

Drag-n-drop Image upload

The other method you can do is to drag-and-drop your images straight from your computer to the editor. This particular editor does this by using HTML5 and will automatically store your images away, on your web server’s file directory.

To drag and drop an image into the editor, simply click on your choosen image and drag it into your content. You can insert multiple images, by holding down the 'Ctrl' key, clicking on each image and dragging them into your content.

You can also copy and paste your images into the editor by clicking on your image and pressing 'Ctrl' + 'C', then press 'Ctrl' + 'V' in the editor, to paste the image into your content.


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