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Ark Media Configuration

90%  of Ark Media Parameters are in the component's configuration screen. You can access these options by either navigating to 'Components' > 'Ark Media' and clicking on 'Options' or by navagating to 'System' > ‘Global Configuration' > ‘Ark Media’ and clicking on the desired tab.


Default Folder:
Set the default folder for the Ark Media Manager to open.
Set the locations for the available folders.


File Info:

Maximum Upload Size:
Set the Maximum File Size Limit for File Uploads in MegaBytes. Omit for Unlimited Size/Server-Set Limit.
Allowed File Types:
Select file types that users are permitted to upload.
Custom Allowed File Types:
Enter allowed file types that don't appear in the "Allowed File Types" list.




Root Folder:
Show the root folder for the current files directory.
Folder Count:
Show the number of files inside each folder.
If enabled switch default browser scrollbar to Javascript/JQuery scrollbar.



Show Full Path:
Show the full Breadcrumb path. (Visible if the directory location is more than one level deep).



Default Manager Layout:
Set the default layout display for the Ark Media Manager.
Default File View:
Set the Default file view for the Ark Media Manager.
Enabled Views:
Choose between Grid, List & Date views. All 3 views can be selected but this may depreciate performance with directories managing a large amount of items.
Confirm Before Delete:
Ask for confirmation when user selects folders & files for deletion before actually initiating the delete process.
Enable Thumbnails:
This Can Be Disabled To Boost Performance On Sluggish Sites or Directories With a Large Number of Items.



Default Class Attribute:
Set a Default CSS Class to Add to Items Being Inserted into your Content.
Default Style Attribute:
Set a Default CSS Style to Add to Items Being Inserted into your Content.
Class List:
Adds the option to populate the class list on the Edit Screen. To Add a custom class click inside the Selection Box, Manually Type the desired class which will then be added to the Class Dropdown List.
Style List:
Adds the option to populate the class list on the Edit Screen. To Add a custom class click inside the Selection Box, Manually Type the desired classes which will then be added to the Class Dropdown List.
Data Attribute List:
Select/Add Options To Populate the Data List When Inserting Media.
Bootstrap Attributes:
UIKit Attributes:



Enable Ark Media Caching (regardless of whether Joomla's is enabled). This is strongly recommended.
Filter Non ASCII Characters:
When loading the file directories, omit files & folders that contain non ASCII characters. Disabling this parameter may cause unexpected errors in the Ark Media Manager.
Illegal Filename Characters:
Characters that appear or are added to this list will be stripped from the names of uploaded files. To add custom characters click inside the selection box, manually type the desired character and select the option from the dropdown list. Note: These must be singular characters and not words. Full stops are manually handled by the system.
If this system has security software such as "Admin Tools" installed leave this option enabled to prevent the thumbnails from being blocked. This is achieved by accessing the thumbnails indirectly through the Ark Media Manager. Otherwise this option can be disabled in order to directly access the thumbnails and potentially increase performance.


There are some minor options in a few plugins. Selecting these plugins, under the 'Plugins' tab, will take you to the 'Plugin Manager', where you can set the following parameters:

Ark Media Feature - User Folders

Enable User Folders:
Restrict logged in users to a dedicated user folder, for which they cannot navigate behind.
Folder Names:
Determine how the folders are named if they don't already exist.
User Group Exemptions:
Allow user groups to see the root media folder locations regardless of whether user folders is active. Note - super users will always be exempt from user folders regardless of this setting.

Ark Media Feature - Image Editing

Confirm Unsaved Changes:
If the user tries to navigate away from an edited image that hasn't had it's changes saved then prompt the user to confirm this action before proceeding.
Click and Drag Scrolling:
Enable click & drag scrolling to allow for clicking/touching & dragging the editing area to scroll if the image exceeds the preview window.
Preview Image Max Height:
Set the maximum height for the image's preview area when editing. Set to zero (0) to match the editing area to the image's height.
Custom Crop Presets:
Set multiple custom crop presets for users to select when cropping an image.

Button - Ark Media

Button Icon:
Change the Icomoon icon that appears next to the Ark Media insert button.
Button Colour:
Change the colour of the media button.
Button Text:
Choose custom text for the media button.
Restrict Folder:
Restrict the XTD button to open exclusively to the selected folder without the ability to switch. e.g. by selecting 'Images' the user will not be able to change directory to the 'documents' folder.
Disable Default Button:
Force disable the default Joomla Media Manager button or allow both Editor-XTD buttons to run along side each other. Note: This change requires the article/editor page to be reloaded before this change is reflected.

Please note: If you wish to use both the Ark Media Manager and Joomla's media manager for selecting images, you can do so by setting the 'Image' button in the editor, to launch Joomla's media manager and only the 'Add Media' button will launch the Ark Media Manager. To do this: Search for ‘media’ in the 'Plugin Manager' and unpublish the 'arkmediabutton' and 'arkmedia' plugins. This will remove these plugins from the editor and the 'Image' button will now launch Joomla's media manager.


This will allow one user group to edit and another groups permissions can be set to deny edit access.

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