Below you will find documentation on how to use our software. This contains easy-to-use steps by step guides with helpful screenshots on how to configure and get the best results.

Setting up Default, Files, Documents, Audio and Video Folders

By default Joomla comes with a folder for all your website images which the Ark Media Manager is pre configured to use. If you have previously installed the Ark editor, then the editor would have automatically created a 'files' directory for you . (If you are using the Ark Media without the Ark Editor, you will probably need to create this directory manually.)

The Ark Media Manager takes a further step to organize your media files and will prompt you to do this, when visisting the 'Audios' and 'Videos' folders for the first time.

To do this:

  1. Navigate to 'Components' > 'Ark Media' and click on 'Video' or 'Audio'. This will bring up the screen seen below.

  1. Click on 'Create Root Folder'. This will automatically create the required root folder.

If you have customized or want to customize your set up to work in a different way, you can do this by clicking on 'Configuration' or the 'Options' button (found at the top right hand side of the screen). This will take you to the 'Ark Media Cofiguration' screen, as seen below.

Here you can edit, the 'Default Folder' and 'Folder Locations' settings.


If you are using Ark Editor the file path sould automatically sync with Ark Media when changed. However, should this not occur you may receive an error when trying to access Ark Media via the editor. If this is the case please manually update Ark Editor's file location as well: Components / Ark Editor / Control Panel / Media Manager / Root Image Path

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