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Clearing Ark Media's Internal Cache and your Browsers Cache

After updating to a new version of the Ark Media, users can sometimes experience problems and find JavaScript errors due to old JavaScript, that has been cached. Ark Media should automatically clear all cached JavaScript files, however if you experience problems and find that you are getting a JavaScript error/s after updating, manually clearing Ark Media's internal cache and clearing your browser cache should resolve this.

(If you do experience issues, one of the easiet ways to check for errors, is to use Firebug which is an app for Firefox. Once installed ( ) you will need to: Open up Firebug >  enable the 'Console' tab, then visit the page where the error is occurring, to catch the error.)

To clear Ark Media's internal cache:

Click the 'Refresh Cache' icon, in the Ark Media Manager (the top right icon, that looks like 2 circular arrows).

To manually clear Ark Media's internal cache:

If the Ark Media failed to clear (the JS error may still be present) then you can manually clear the cache through one of these alternative measures:

  • In Ark Media's configuration under the system tab disable the parameter named; "Enable File Concatenation". Once this is disabled, save and navigate back to the Ark Media and re-click the 'Refresh Cache' icon. The cache should now be cleared and you can re-enable the parameter in your configuration for improved site performance. Please remember to also clear your browser's cache.
  • You can also clear Ark Media's internal cache by using FTP to delete the following folder on your Joomla installation: WEBSITE/media/arkmedia/cache/ Then clearing your browser cache using the method below.

To clear your browsers cache:

Press 'Control', 'Shift' and 'Delete' on your keyboard > select 'Cache' in the pop-up window and click on the 'Clear Now' button.

Once you have cleared all cache, close and re-open the browser tab.

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