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Default image upload handling


Loving this new editor after being a JCE user for a long time... I've been a Joomla user since 2005 and this is the best extension since NoNumber Advanced Module manager.

What I can see is missing from what I love about JCE is default values for image uploads.

This way I can ensure that a user doesn't upload a 5000px wide image... rather I set the defaults to apply to all uploaded images.


Ark Editor normdouglas 10.07.2015 06:51
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by joris85 on 02.09.2016 11:54

I still think this is an important option. There is though an option in the editor but it works on the insert and not the upload.
Than there are prefixes of cropping that are handy but not for beginners mostly. Still it is possible to add massive content so not easy enough yet :-)

by calo on 23.04.2018 21:02

yeeesss! resize on upload please

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