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Upload Intro and full image with auto resize


Hi Joomla users and ARKeditor,

I want that the selecting an image for intro and full will have the option to resize the selected image.


How i would see this:

1. If you are in select modus of an intro than the uploade file is max width as you told in the settings for intro

2. So i upload an image (also want resizer to set here with max 1000px) and than i select it for intro. The manager makes a thumb with the size of the settings for intro image.

Also for the Full image.

The select intro image does not have any resize possibility.

This give the problem that a user uploads big images. Or need to do it in steps.

- First go to article

- than to media manager (why not just to mediamanager but that is an other problem).

- Than upload images

- Also resize the image (most of the time 2000 width or more...)

- Than go to the article and select the image that you uploaded and resized.

This is not what i want to give my customers if they ask for easy adding blog items with intro and full image.


Good luck with the good work ARK!

Ark Media joris85 17.01.2016 14:17
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