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id attribute added when inserting new images



"When inserting an image using Ark Media it is adding an empty id attribute to the image tag. <img src="/some.jpg" id="" alt="">This is throwing alot of errors on validation."


"Basically the Ark Media manager is supplying the editor with an ‘empty’ value. This is there so it could be updated with new values later if needed. Also we preserve these values after editing as they could have been added by another source, this is because we don’t know the all the attributes which could in theory be added. However, what we could do is to build a plugin that couldremove it (only when inserted for the very first time)."

Feature Request:

Please provide this option as soon as possible. When new images are inserted from the editor using Ark Media, every image has the same id which is empty. Of course id values need to be unique per page so this throws a validation error for each image inserted.

Thank your for your consideration.

Ark Media mpopp 16.02.2016 13:58
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