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Sorting Images by Title, Date


Your image editor performance has no doubt demonstrated excellent gains in uploading and switching between functions, however, I lose more time when editing images just trying to find them. I know to look at the bottom of the list when I upload a new image but when I go back to do some re-editing, it is like an Easter Egg hunt (which is today, by the way.)

Please consider adding the ability to maintain an alpha list sort of images and an ascend/descend date sort as well.

This is an expensive editor that in many ways still appears to be in Beta testing and development just to get it up to basic standard operating configurations and features.


Ark Media hkelley 26.03.2016 20:43
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by Louisa on 30.11.-0001 00:00

Hi hkelley.

Thank for your request.

The Media Manager does not come with the ability to maintain an alpha list sort of images but it does comes with the abillity to view your images in date order, please see: http://arkextensions.com/documentation/ark-media-manager/315-viewing-your-media-files

Kindest Regards,

by Vahid on 24.10.2016 09:46

also if it can sort with other filer like size or resolution or publisher, choose a image can be faster

by Paul C on 02.05.2017 14:45

The Ark Media now comes with a variety of sorting options as of version 2.0.0.

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