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Folder Rename Function



sometimes we need to rename a folder with invalid name. maybe that folder be empty or maybe it have few photo which dont use in content yet. it's not good to go FTP for a small issue like folder rename. maybe its better to this function be available only for administrator too.

Ark Media Vahid 13.12.2016 07:52
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by Paul C on 03.05.2017 07:36


This is a great feature that we hope to look into adding in the future. Our current reasons that we haven't already implemented this feature is that it would break all existing links to the site's images when a user changes the folder name and a database search/update will most likely be too hit and miss. However, your suggestion of admin only is a good shout as this really is a useful feature.

Mainly our underlying framework would also need comprehensively revising in order to handle changing folder names & paths.

So we love the idea and will definitely discuss including this feature when we release our next major version of Ark Media.

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