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Additional Image Styling



because I had such a good response to one of my Support Tickets I wanted to share some other thoughts about some problems a lot of my users have with your editor.

I have a couple of Website I support which used the JCK Editor (Still have one that does and I don't know yet what I will do with them).

One of the biggest things that is Problematic for them is how they have to insert Images now.

JCK had this nice little window where you could say how the dimensions should be and what margin it should have.

Also Linking and just quick editing was a breez in this.

Can you maybe bring this window back as an "Image Attributes" Button?

I know you can do a lot via ARK Media Manager but to be frank... the Manager is sluggish and you need to have extensive knowledge of CSS and the classes / parameters you have to insert. Even if you know what you have to do, you have to type in.It is way more complex and costs time. To have CSS is perfect for me as a Programmer but it is awful to those who don't know any CSS.

Also if possible it would be great if there would be a config in which I can prepopulate the css class for instance.

Most customers have standard classes they attatch to every picture unless its a rare case where it is not needed.

Ark Media Omegatcu 23.03.2017 10:28
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by Paul C on 06.06.2018 10:11

Hi Omegatcu,

Sorry for the late response.

There are some great suggestions here & we've had a lot of feedback about improving the workflow for inserting & resizing images.

As you mentioned, the current workflow consists of full control to the user which is not always the simplest route for end-users, So we definitely want to streamline the whole process.

With regards to adding classes, Ark Media has a "Default Class Attribute" parameter under the "Interface" tab in the configuration which lets you automatically add classes to your images.

Hope that helps!


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