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Fantastic Ark easy image plugin!


Ark Media is great!

But it is still made for users with some experience.

As you know everything is getting easyer but images are still a pain in the ass if you ask me.

My questions:

1. Where do you use images the most?

2. How can you make sure an user does not need to be smart or need any instruction?

3. Is it possible that your users does not need to know the width and heights?


*** !Solution! ***

Ark Easy image insertion plugin!

Without any effort your users can ad images in the perfect size and optimized for web (ofcourse because its is a website!).

How? its is easy!

1. Add new article

2. Drop image on the Ark image icon and ready,

3. You want to choose your crop area? the first time you have an edit icon where you can select the area in the picture

Adding an image should nog be difficult is should be fun and easy!

Thats why Ark has made this fantastic Plugin

*** End solution ***

Technically what will happen?

You set width and heights for the intro images, full image and content image.

You set for every size a folder location (maybe even add categorie option in version 2).

Replacing the default intro and full image select buttons.

Alternatif a little icon for advanced adding/choosing with Ark Media

A toolbar easy image insertion would be great to! (you already have set the dimensions for it in the plugin settings!)

You can choose to replace the frontend/backend intro and full image by a tool like this:


Version 2 could have different sizes.

You drop and can choose for certan options (Blog, Tips, news) and for every different option are different presets.

You do not bother customers with any bullshit about widhts heights and so on.

As easy as facbook what there are used to these days ;-)

Is there a change that this will be added to Ark plugins in the near future?

Ark Media paulc 11.09.2017 16:10
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