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#159 – Template CSS Not Loaded

Posted in ‘ Ark Editor’
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Thursday, 16 June 2016 16:30 BST

After recently upgraded ArkEditor to 1.8.4 from 1.7.8 I've found it no longer loads my YooTheme (Nano3) CSS, even with the setting toggled to 'On'.

Looking at the page source on the 'New Article' screen, my 1.7.8 install has the following JS:

var styleSheets = [{"href":"http:\/\/\/index.php?option=com_ajax&plugin=arkbootstrap&format=json"},{"href":"http:\/\/\/index.php?option=com_ajax&plugin=arktypography&format=json"},{"href":"http:\/\/\/media\/system\/css\/modal.css"},{"href":"http:\/\/\/templates\/yoo_nano3\/styles\/sedash\/css\/bootstrap.css"},{"href":"http:\/\/\/templates\/yoo_nano3\/styles\/sedash\/css\/theme.css"},{"href":"http:\/\/\/templates\/yoo_nano3\/styles\/sedash\/css\/custom.css"},{"href":"http:\/\/\/templates\/yoo_nano3\/styles\/sedash\/css\/notify.min.css"}]
                    this.config.contentsCss = [];

On 1.8.4 with the exact same settings, 'stylesheets' is empty:

                    var styleSheets = []
                    this.config.contentsCss = [];

Nothing else in the environment has changed except the AE version upgrade, so assuming it's a bug, but happy to be told otherwise.

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Using AE 1.8.4... 1. Set 'Use Template CSS' to 'Yes', and save 2. Clear all caches 3. Open the 'New Article' screen 4. Editor does not apply theme CSS. Theme CSS files not included in styleSheets JS variable
Friday, 17 June 2016 10:49 BST

A full uninstall / reinstall of the entire Ark package seems to have fixed this - perhaps a bug in the upgrade where config settings have changed format / not been deleted properly? Had that happen with a few extensions before.

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