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#23 – Issue with: System - Reset SEF Base plugin

Posted in ‘ Ark Editor’
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Thursday, 21 May 2015 13:42 BST

This is the standard way to make an empty parent to a submenu. The parent is supposed to stay on the current page and normally would just add the # to the end of the current url.

However the Reset SEF Base makes links with "#" link to the homepage of a website, and adds the # there, instead of just adding the # to the end of the URL as it should do.



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With Ark editor installed and Reset SEF Base active. Make an empty parent menu item in joomla with the options systemlinks external url. In the link put a #
Friday, 22 May 2015 10:40 BST

Hi Joris,

I believe using '#' for the Href is too convenient a way to stop the browser following through with your link tags. There is a strong argument that you should be using javascript:void(0) and that is recognised as the proper way of doing it and it plays nicely with the HTML base tag. However, as it is the issue you are facing can be seen here with the use of the base tag 

It seems you have a choice of having all your relative links including images and script tabs breaking if you remove the base tag but SEF will work but your images will disappear. Or have your images display but have all anchor links break and that includes links just using '#' to make them not linkable. 

So you have two issues:

1. Anchor tags are broken and will redirect the browser to the home page.

2. Non linkable links using the href="#' technique will also follow through and now leads to the home page.

So although both issues result in a redirect to the home page the approach to solve them or provide a workaround is different.

Issue one could be resolved with prepending the current URL to #[ myanchor name] in the Href. This could be done programmatically to do this conversion and resolve this problem. But wait you have a major gotcha with people using the technique of using the #[ myanchor name] in the Href as an ID of some sort for some JavaScript action, thanks UIKIT and Bootstrap. So that will break with this approach.

Issue two could be solved with the workaround with something like the following and hopefully it doesn't break anything:

jQuery("a[href='#']").on( 'click', function(e){

So in conclusion expect to break some extension because it will inevitably will.

Or we would be forced to use the absolute URL for all links to your resources because we all want to use a pretty URL thanks to Google. But then good luck on moving a development site to a live environment with all those hardcoded absolute links.

We will of course look into this issue but you can see it is not a simple one.

Kindest Regards,


Wednesday, 10 June 2015 12:37 BST

Hi Joris,

Since we haven't heard from back from you regarding this issue I will close this ticket. We believe this issue should be solved in the latest release of the Ark Editor. If this is not the case please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kindest Regards,


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