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#63 – Ark Media manager adding an ID when inserting article-introduction-pictures

Posted in ‘ Ark Media’
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Tuesday, 01 September 2015 11:45 BST


When I insert an introduction picture in an article, Ark media directly inserts it without a dialog and it adds an ID to the pictures name. This ID prevents other modules from using the picture.

Example: images/ANLASS_PLANEN/ZUR_ZIMMERLEUTEN/THUMBS/thumb_event_planen_zimmerleuten.jpg?i=264

I did not find a setting to switch this off, how can I do this? Pictures should just be inserted with the name they have.


PS The submit button on your ticket system does not work even I was logged in (Firefox and Chrome tested)

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Insert introduction picture in Joomla article
Tuesday, 01 September 2015 12:43 BST

Hi Chris,

The ID suffix added to the image is expected behaviour, which is used for image caching purposes. The issue actually resides in other extension's ability to handle image urls that have query strings at the end. However as other users have reported similar issues we have added a fix which will be released in the next version of the Ark Media. Until this version is released the fix can be installed as a plugin. The steps & plugin can be found at the bottom of this related ticket.

If you still have issues please do not hesistate to let us know.



Monday, 26 October 2015 13:36 GMT

Hello Paul

The plugin linked in the post “” does not resolve the issue, I still get the pathes like this:
<img title="" id="" class="" style="" alt="" src="/images/AKTUELL/PARALLAX/MSP_7979.jpg?i=862">
BUT it should be like this:
<img title="" id="" class="" style="" alt="" src="/images/AKTUELL/PARALLAX/MSP_7979.jpg"> (without additional suffix information/ID)



Thursday, 29 October 2015 08:34 GMT

Hi Chris,

The content plugin fix only affects inserting image links into article Intro Image fields and similar fields, whereas you are referring to inserting the actual image itself, which requires the suffix to clear the browser's image cache. We understand peoples need for this to be optional so the next version of the Ark Media will contain an option to disable this extra image link data in all areas of the Ark Media.

The next version is going to contain quite a few fixes but we hope to release it soon. We will update you when it is available.



Thursday, 05 November 2015 13:45 GMT

Hi Chris,

We have just released Ark Media version 1.7.2b which includes an option in it's image plugin which allows for disabling the extra path information that gets added to the image url.

This should resolve you issue, however please let us know if you are still experiencing problems.



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