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We are rebranding!

We are rebranding ourselves to ‘ARK’ and have put together this new website which will support you a whole lot better.

Some of you may be asking why, well here’s a bit of history! The JoomlaCK Editor was officially launched in September 2005 on with the aim of providing a user friendly HTML editor and was the 90th extension to be listed.  Some years later Joomla set about protecting their name brand. The knock on affect meant that our products name was abbreviated from ‘JoomlaCK’ to ‘JCK’.  As you can see this wasn’t our ideal but nevertheless we realised that there was good reason for this change of direction.

We are about to release the 7th series and with this an exciting set of new extensions, will evolve around frontend editing.  This means that the 7th series will now be called the ARK Editor, while the 6th series will still use ‘JCK’ until it reaches its end-of-life.

New Branding

Here are a few new extension icons that follow our new branding.

The ark in our new logo is rich in symbolism. It carries a variety of meanings for different religions, speaking of hope, dependability and safety, while its modern acronym stands for ARK "Act of Random Kindness".

While we strive to embody these values in our working ethics, we acknowledge that the ARK vessel (or boat) consisted of different parts that worked together: From the bow to the stern, from the rudder, to the people that the ARK carried and served. These are a few of the pieces that made it all possible. The ARK branding is more than just about software or business strategy but to embody an idea that what we do, should be about people.

As we venture in a new direction we hope that you will also set sail with us!

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