This is a record of the changes we’ve made to our software including bug fixes, features and tweaks.

Ark Editor
Ark Editor
Ark Media Manager
Ark Media
Ark Widget
Ark Widget

V 1.0.1

Ark Widget 1.0.1 - 2017-07-18
    - [added] Automatically clear cached asset files on update.
    - [fixed] Fix auto insert in articles without custom fields.

V 1.0.0

Ark Widget 1.0.0 - 2017-07-18
    - [fixed] Resolve broken configuration screen for IIS Servers.
    - [update] Update front-end media framework to version
    - [fixed] Resolve conflict with Ark Themes ;)
    - [fixed] Fix broken auto insert for Zoo items.
    - [fixed] Fix broken auto insert for articles filtered by category.
    - [added] Add parameters to select default active media framework.

Note - The auto insert feature now requires Joomla version 3.7.3 +.

V 0.4.0 RC

Ark Widget 0.4.0rc - 2017-01-20
    - [fixed] Improve DB support for base64 images.
    - [improved] Remove base64 images for cleaner source code.
    - [fixed] Fix unselectable scrollbar Firefox bug in new widget screen.
    - [improved] Improve error reporting.
    - [fixed] Restore missing header styles.
    - [fixed] Fix missing syntax highlighting between code editors.
    - [improved] Improve load time on content pages.
    - [added] Separate front-end & back-end permissions for greater control.
    - [added] Automatically configure default permissions on fresh install.
    - [added] Added new <div> button to the editor's toolbar. 
    - [added] Customise the editor's toolbar in the Ark Editor component.
    - [added] Automatically add a custom editor toolbar on fresh install.
Note - If you experience any of the following issues then please try the recommended fixes or use a fresh install of Ark Widget:
  • The theme parameter may require manually re-applying in the configuration.
  • Front-end permissions may be too strict and require relaxing in the configuration.
  • The customisable editor toolbar may need creating in the Ark Editor toolbar manager.

V 0.3.0 Beta

Ark Widget 0.3.0b - 2016-12-19
    - [added] Add ability to include CSS with widgets.
    - [added] Add code hints to imply the presence of CSS & JS in a widget.
    - [improved] Redesign CSS & JS parameters.
    - [improved] Split widgets into basic & advanced mode.
    - [added] Add filtering to new widget screen.
    - [fixed] Fixed double JS events on re-editing widget items.
    - [added] Support Ctrl/Cmd+S, Esc & F1 shortcuts when editing widget items.
    - [update] Update media framework to version 2.27.2.
    - [fixed] Fixed media framework overriding root HTML element styles.
    - [fixed] Fixed dependency on the professional version of the Ark Editor.

Note - Check out the new filtering options available when creating new widgets!

Note - Significant changes have been made since version 0.1.0b. If the Ark Widget fails to load, please try a fresh install or contact our support for help with the relevant fix.

V 0.2.0 Beta

Ark Widget 0.2.0b - 2016-11-04
    - [added] Add tagging system.
    - [added] Add JS field.
    - [added] Add outstanding Bootstrap 2 Javascript component widgets.
    - [improved] Restyle new widget screen.
    - [improved] Numerous fixes & improvements.

V 0.1.0 Beta

Ark Widget 0.1.0b - 2016-05-16
    - Initial build.

Note - This is a private beta release.

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