This is a record of the changes we’ve made to our software including bug fixes, features and tweaks.

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JCK Suite 6.5.6

Added 4 new responsive templates
Instruction template explaining how to add new templates snippets
Added new JCK branding to the J! 3 package (more about this coming soon)
Optimised toolbar for back end use 
Optimised toolbar for front end use 
Added auto font size and 13px option to the install wizard.
Changed the backend toolbar to ‘Publisher’ and the front-end toolbar to ‘Basic’ by default.
Update to fix scrolling in iPad for styke richcombo lists in editor
CSS fixes for the style and format list
CSS overrides to stop EasyBlog overriding the editor's tool-bar styling
Fixed a bug where the editor was defaulting to 8px editing area
Typography improvements and fixes:
Responsive fixes for image styles
Responsive styles for the media embed plugin
New CSS styles for the editors new responsive templates
Fix for the combo list style being overitten by some templates
Other fixes:
Our warmest thanks to Sebi from Seblod whom has recently solved a dropdown menu bug in combination with the JCK Editor and SEBLOD. The fix is to be applied on their side to the: plugins/cck_field/wysiwyg_editor/assets/css/cck_wysiwyg.css in line 3 this attribute: width: 100%;
This has now been addressed in: Seblod 3.2.2 so please download it.
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