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Editor - User Folders

If you are using the pro verison, user folders will be enabled by default.  This allows your users to manage their own images and files and restrict who can view them.

To do this please go to 'Components' > ‘ARK Editor’ > click on the 'Options' button on the top righthand side of the screen and select the 'Media Manager' tab.

Enable User Folders:
This option enables user folders for those using the media manager.
User Folder Type:
This determines if we should use the users username or userid for their root folder.
Enable Users to see all Folders:
Users selected here will be able to see all folders for images or documents. Note by default Super Users are given this right.
Root Image Path:
Location for the Media Manager to look for images.
Root Document Path:
Location for the Media Manager to look for documents.

Please see below for an example of the user folder structure on the server.

The file path for these files (by default) is:

Please note that once you have chosen your configuration, the users, username / id will be embedded in the image file path.

E.g, image file path:

img src="/ images/users/username/mypic.jpg " alt="

User Folders Permissions

Next the editor will allow you to assign rights to specific Joomla user groups. This parameter will allow the selected user groups permission to view “all user folders”. Generally speaking only the ‘Super Users’ should be permitted to view all files however, if you would like to apply this to multiple user groups, you can do this by 'clicking' and holding down the ‘Shift’ key.

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