Below you will find documentation on how to use our software. This contains easy-to-use steps by step guides with helpful screenshots on how to configure and get the best results.

Using different frameworks

Ideally, it's best to stick with the framework used by your template. A YOOtheme template, for example, is best used with the UIkit framework.  Why is this? A template developer will always add extra-styling options within their templates - button colours, button shapes, etc - accessible only within the corresponding framework.   

Ark Widget provides four framework options:

  1. Bootstrap 2
  2. Bootstrap 3
  3. Custom
  4. UIkit

See Figure 1.


How to review our "Advanced" selection of widgets in Bootstrap 2 and 3, and UIkit:

1. Click on the "Filter & search button" in the top-right corner.

Figure 2.







2. The icon will turn blue and you'll be given additional options at the foot of the page, shown in Figure 3. 

Figure 3.

3. Either search by name for your needed widget, or select "Advanced" to review our advanced library. To review the advanced libraries in all the frameworks, simply click on the desired framework.

Figure 4. Advanced Bootstrap 2.
Bootstrap 2's full documentation can be viewed here:

Figure 5. Advanced Bootstrap 3.
Bootstrap 3's full documentation can be viewed here:

Figure 6. Advanced UIkit 2.
UIkit 2's full documentation can be viewed here: Support for UIkit 3 will be coming soon after it develops past the Beta stage to a public release candidate.


Please note: whereas the basic widget libraries are easy to implement, you may require some coding knowledge to get the most out of the advanced libraries. 

Upon selecting a widget in the basic or advanced libraries, you will be given a dropdown menu with any number of options on how to use it, as shown in Figure 7.

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