Below you will find documentation on how to use our software. This contains easy-to-use steps by step guides with helpful screenshots on how to configure and get the best results.

Setup Wizard

Getting off on the right foot can make all the difference, that’s why the editor comes with an installation wizard! It will check your servers permissions and try to fix them if needed! It will help you configure the editor’s background colour, fonts, setup the editor’s templates and typography styles, setup unique folders for each of your users and will even help you setup the necessary rules if you are using AdminTools maker .htaccess to get you up and running!

If you are using or plan on using AdminTools please see section htaccess & Admin Tools from Akeeba for more on this matter.

If you are using the JCK Manager then you can rerun the setup Wizard at any time by navigating to 'Components' and down to the 'JCK Manager'. Next click on the ‘System Check' icon to check and initiate the wizard again.

System Health Check

On the first screen the Wizard will attempt to perform a health check on your system. It does this by running a script that looks to check that the files within the editor and image directory have the required file permissions to work. If the Wizard throws up an alert it will give you the option to correct these problems. It does this by looking at the permissions used by your Joomla core files and folders and will correct it accordingly. To administer these fixes you can click on the ‘Change Now!’ button.

This will attempt to fix your file permissions issues on any Linux based servers if allowed. Please see: System Requirements for more information on the editor's recommended server side settings.

If you are using a Window server then this step is not applicable and the Wizard will move to the "Next >>>" screen.

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