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JCK Manager: Plugin Manager

The Plugin Manager controls what buttons are displayed in the editor’s interface. It allows plugins to be published, unpublished, and assigned to specific toolbars with the ability to setup user permissions. In addition to these features the Plugin Manager will allow you to drill down and edit each and every plugin that makes up the JCK Editor. The plugin allows for 3 global parameters for the dialog popup screens: Height, Title and Width and you will find further customisable parameters just like any standard Joomla extension!

To locate these settings please go to “Components” > “JCK Manager” which will take you to the Control Panel, as seen below:

Next click on the “Plugin Manager” icon to view the 55 plus core plugins that make up the JCK Editor by default. This works exactly the same as the default Joomla Extension or Article Manager allowing the user to filter and edit plugins. To edit a plugins setting either 'tick' the 'check box' and click on 'Edit' (or click on the 'Title' on the plugin), as seen below:

In Joomla 3.0 you will notice that all plugins have 3 tabs labelled ‘Details’, ‘Editor Option’, and ‘Basic Option’, while in Joomla 2.5 these parameters are presented in a box layout and labelled ‘Details’, ‘Toolbars' & 'Group Access’ and ‘Advanced Options’.

The 'Details' tab  for Joomla 3.0 (or box for Joomla 2.5) displays the basic details of the plugin such as the name and publish state and the icon path use in the toolbar, please see below:

The ‘Editor Options’ tab (or called ‘Toolbars’ & ‘Group Access’ in Joomla 2.5 ) gives the user the ability to assign the plugin to 'toolbars' and 'user permissions' (I will explain more about this in the following section):

While the 'Basic Options' tab (called 'Advanced Options' in Joomla 2.5) provides customisable options which differ from plugin to plugin depending upon its function. In this particular example I am editing the 'Font' plugin which will allow you to control the font family types and sizes (please see below).

But you don’t have to stop here as the editor's architecture is totally plugin based, so you can find a wealth of other customisable settings from plugin to plugin.

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