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JCK Manager: Layout Manager

The Layout manager allows control over the editors Toolbars, with it you can create your own bespoke toolbars, position plugins, create new toolbars, add and remove! It’s surprisingly easy do thanks to its simple drag-and-drop interface.

First click on the ‘Layout Manager' button, which will lead to the 'Layout Manager' screen.

This will display a list of available toolbars all of which you can edit. Some of these toolbars such as the ‘Full’ & ‘Mobile’ etc… are core toolbars which cannot be deleted for a variety of reasons while options to create your own bespoke toolbars are available. The only special toolbar is the 'Mobile toolbar' which really only comes to life in the Joomla 3.0 responsive framework. The editor will automatically switch whenever the IOS mobile operating system is detected.

To edit a toolbar either 'tick' the 'check box' and click on 'Edit' (or click on the 'Title' on the plugin), as seen below:

This will open up allowing you to drag-and-drop your toolbars and icons in order to craft your own bespoke layouts.

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