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Troubleshooting - Warning: the JCK Editor cannot find a default template.css...

As standard practice the editor looks for a CSS file called “template.css” in the templates/your_template/CSS folder.  If your template uses a different file name for your style-sheet or your style-sheet is located in a different folder you would have received the “Warning: the JCK Editor cannot find a default template.css style-sheet to use. Please see: Installation guide” error message.

The solution is to configure the editor to look to a style-sheet being used by the template on your Joomla powered website.

Option 1

If you are using the JCK Manager then you can rerun the setup Wizard at any time by navigating to 'Components' and down to the 'JCK Manager'. Next click on the ‘System Check' icon to check and initiate the wizard again. For more more help in this, please see: Setup Wizard: Editing styles - Custom...

Option 2

Alternatively, go to 'Extensions' and click on ‘Plug-in Manager’ > and search and select the 'JoomlaCK' Plug-in.

In the editoris plugin you will see a set of parameters on the right (or if you're using Joomla 3.0 you will find these details under the 'Basic Options' tab).

  • Set the “Use Template CSS classes?” to NO
  • In the “Use Custom CSS Classes?” field, place the pathway to your CSS file, It will normally look something link this: templates/yourtemplatename/css/yourstyles.css).
  • Set the “Use Editor CSS classes?” to NO and press Save.
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