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Troubleshooting - File Browsers, Internal Linking, Internal Server Errors and Install Wizard

If you had trouble using editor's file browsers, internal linking plugin or the install wizard doesn’t seem to be working then try these steps to get it working on your server. To do this you can use very helpful extensions for the Firefox web browsers called Firebug. When things go wrong it will let you know and gives you detailed and useful information about the errors. Please see: to view how this works.

If you getting an error try looking for the path referenced to the file (in the error messsage) as this will give you an idea of where the problem is. If you are getting a 404 or 500 error then your problem is generally caused by one of 3 things:-

  1. The file is not on the server. To cheak this you will need to access your file either via your webhosting control panel or file FTP. The file path to the problem should be detailed in your error report. If after testing you have found that the file is present on the server, then we know that the file is not being permitted access to work for some reason.

    This is generally due one or two reasons below:
  2. Your server is not permitting access to the .php file due to a security rule in your Joomla .htaccess file. If this is happen you will need to access this file and edit the rule. If you are using something like Akeeba Admin tool, please see: Troubleshooting - (.htaccess & Admin Tools from Akeeba).
  3. Or your server is not permitting access to the .php file due to your server chmod file permission, please see: Troubleshooting - (File permissions).
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