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Troubleshooting - (Blank Screen, Resource Type Not Set, Base64 issues & Internal Server Errors)

If you have received one or more of these problems then the cause is most likely to be file permissions on your server or due to a .htaccess file preventing the editor from working.

File permissions

The JCK Editor comes with the ability to check your server file permission and will even try to fix your file permissions on any Linux based servers. If you are using the JCK Manager then navigate to 'Components' and down to the 'JCK Manager' (this will lead to the JCK Manager Cpanel). Next click on the ‘System Check' and run the file permission fix.

However, if you are 'not' using the JCK Manager you will need to completely uninstall the editor and install a full package of the latest stable version. Upon installation the JCK Editor Setup wizard will do a file permission ‘Check' on the first screen. If the wizard reports that there is a problem then click on ‘Change now!’ to correct your file permissions.

This will attempt to fix your file permissions issue on any Linux based servers if allowed. Please see: System Requirements for more information on the editors recommended server side settings.

This didn't work what should I do next?

Joomla recommend 755 and 0644 for folders and files respectively but this only works with the recommended suPHP (which is a server side security tool for executing PHP scripts with the permissions of their owners) installed running on PHP & MySQL 5+ which gives developers like us a level playing field to work too. However, if you are using a different configuration and may need to use 777 for your files, then again some configurations will not permit you to use 777 (which could be your problem)!

The point being is that Joomla like our editor needs folders and files to be read/writable and the entry points for the browsers (this being the file which your browsers need execute) such as the file browsers or the install wizard may (in some configuration) need be read/write and executable (depending on your servers).

One thing you could do is to try looking at the file permission for your ‘index.php’ file and your ‘component’ directory which is located in the root of your Joomla installation. This should give you some insight into the file permissions being used for Joomla site and then try using the same permissions to for the rest of your files. Beyond that you could try contacting your hosting provider and ask them what the correct permission should be for your server? Some may make the change for you.

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