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.htaccess & Admin Tools from Akeeba

Out-of-the-box Admintools .htaccess maker works on the presumption that everything must be passed through Joomla!'s standard "entry point" or "main" files (i.e. index.php and index2.php)and blocks direct web access to all other files.

While this is fine for regular Joomla extensions this presumption does not cator for bridge based extensions that are integrating 3rd party applications into Joomla! The JCK Editor does this in part by integrating an open source application called the “CKEditor” into Joomla!.

How does this work

Admintools has now has a helper class which allows extension developer like us to pass rules to their component. For the JCK Editor this happens when the install wizard in run during installation. Admintools then works to take the htaccess rules which has been handed to it and proceeds to perform a number of predefined changes by including the new JCK rules as part of their htaccess rules.

This works a trusted transaction of data between our extension and Admintools.

Here's what the JCK Editor exception in the in Admin Tools should look like:

Exception for the editor jFile browser:


Exception for the jTreeLink:


Please read: the official User's Guide from Akeeba on: How to determine which exceptions are required.

Our thanks goes to  Nicholas from Admintools for worked together with us overcome this problem.

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