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Troubleshooting - (Slow Performance)

Time doesn’t stand still for long, and as the JCK Editor has matured over the years there has been many plug-ins created for the editor! This means great new features, but with every JCK plugin or extensions installed there is a chance of causing a degrade in performance.

The JCK Editor shouldn’t feel slow, particularly when compared to JCE and TinyMCE. If it does, try these trouble shooting tips and see if you can restore it to its full glory.

Don’t run the editor with multiple spellchecking plugins enabled at the same time

Spellchecker tools work by scanning through your content searching for spelling mistakes. If you have two or more spell checking plugin running at the same time it is likely to cause a conflict and slow things down! If you are planning on installing After-the-deadline, Aspell or another spellchecking plugin for the JCK Editor, make sure you disable the native ‘WebSpellChecker (WSC)’ and the SCAYT (Spell-Check-As-You-Type) plug-ins.

Only install what you need!

Every application has a memory foot print, so if you have install 40+ JCK plugins it will obviously slow things down!  If you have gone crazy with installing everything, try customising the editor to use only what you need!

Look for out-of-date JCK plugins

One of the JCK Editor greatest strengths is its extension support. But this strength can sometimes be a problem if you are running the editor with problematic or out-of-date plugins! It’s no surprise that this can cause the editor to use more memory than it normally would.

Try checking the version of the extensions install on your JCK Manager again the version number on our site. If they are out-of-date, try upgrading. You can also test to see whether one of your plugins is causing the editor to use too much memory by selectively disabling plugins.

To do this navigate to 'Components' and down to the'JCK Manager' (this will lead to the JCK Manager Cpanel). Next click on the ‘Installer' button, which will lead to the Plugin Installer screen. Next click on 'Plugins' to view your list on installed plugins and their 'Version' numbers. 

You can also try disabling JCK plugin's to see if there is a problem. Next click on the ‘Plugin Manager' button, which will lead to the Plugin Manager screen.  Here you will be able to disable the editor’s plugins one by one, then clean out your browser’s cache files, refresh your screen and give it another go! If the editor’s performance is suddenly improved, the problem is likely to be that plugin.

Consider browser problems

Most modern browsers use isolated tab browsing, which can eat up memory. Isolated tab browsing means that each tab you open creates its own instance of the browser, as opposed to having just one instance open. This does two things: In the event of a page crashing, you only lose the tab of the page that crashed, as opposed to losing the entire browser. The other unfortunate side effect is that it creates a heavier CPU usage.

If you are experiencing slow or a sluggish response try reducing the number of tabs you are using and restart your web browsers. Also test the editor in another web browser as it could be the issue!

Check Other Software

There’s no police patrolling your Joomla or web browsers extensions to make sure they all work together, or that they all work with every version and upgrade! It’s no surprise that this can sometimes cause crashes, improper webpage rendering and performance issues. So it could be that your performance issues are interference from another program.

Simply disable your extensions and see if this resolves the problem.


Hopefully these solutions will resolve your issues. Don’t try two at once, or follow a solution half-way through. Fixing a bug causing performance issues means changing one variable at a time. Getting ahead of yourself could cause further headaches and false positives.

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