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Auto resize on upload (set max upload size)


Having problems with customers adding big images?

The Resizing and Cropping is developing and i can't wait to use the Media Manager for my noob customers...

If i say you need to resize the image before uploading they look at me as if i am talking about big Science.

Why learning them how to resize on a program, or online if it can be done automaticly?

So i would love to have a plugin that on upload auto resized the original image to a max width i can set.

Maybe a param to set keep original for others but not for me. I do not want multiple mb's for each picture on my site's.

I am also the hosting provider and if this plugin works it will spare me allot of gb's on my server ;-)


Who wants this plugin also?


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by Paul C on 16.07.2015 09:28

Hi Joris,

Thank you for your suggestions.

As we've been discussing this logic in previous tickets (e.g. resize on upload or insert and auto resize plugins) I won't repeat that thread here. However to let you know we have now implemented Image Resizing into our editing suite as of version 1.7.0b which we have just released.

This feature works much like the crop feature in that you can:

- Set resize presets,
- Auto apply one of these presets on insert,
- Changes are saved over the original image rather than creating new images for each change (alothough this may be a parameter in the future).

We hope you like the new feature and welcome your feedback as always!



by joris85 on 31.08.2015 19:33

Hi Paul,

I really like the new feature and the cropping.
But still is it possible to upload 4mb image right?
I think an option to set this to max xxx width would be nice.

Acymailing editor does this also.
I cant imaging this is an difficult option and it is very good for noobs :-)

by joris85 on 24.09.2015 17:24

This one is set to completed,

Is it possible to choose a maximum width for uploading?
So if i upload an 4000x image that it is converted to 1024..
Maybe also 72dpi and without metadata so google also likes the image.

Even if the users does not know or do not know they want this option.
Resizing the image, giving it 72dpi and delete the metadata like an image optimizer for web is a must for good SEO so i think if you want to help your customers with seo you do this :-)

by Paul C on 13.11.2015 07:05

Hi Joris,

Apologies for the late reply (wasn't getting notifications on this thread).

We've had a few requests that the resize be looked at more thoroughly, so even though we've implemented resize into our image editing suite, we acknowledge that the workflow needs reviewing.

With this in mind we will be using this thread to discuss everyone's preferences and personal processes we as developers take, as well as our less web savvy clients.

Current options are:

a. Leave resizing with the rest of the image editing suite as this keeps all editing features in one place, as opposed to having features appear in other parts of Ark Media which may confuse our less web savvy clients ;)
b. Have the resize feature in 2 places. One in the current place to allow for resizing on insertion into content & another new auto resize feature that is pre-configured to resize all images on upload.
c. Completely move the resize feature to just on upload only, thus preventing users from being able to tamper with the image and being protected from uploading massive images by default, as this configuration option will be preset by an administrator.

My current thoughts on b. are; That I understand how we need to pre-size images on upload for our users but having one, set size would be restrictive & leave the admin having to keep referring to the configuration to change the resize setting when they want to add images that are specific to a different part of the site. For example we have nice 200x200 module images but now we need a 1000x150 wide banner image so off we go to the configuration again! If this is the case then I'd be tempted to add a simple list of resize options in the upload view to allow for user's to select a size before uploading. But this begs the question; Does this make the process too complicated or is it a complete clone of the current resize logic and therefore redundant?

My thoughts on c. are; I get that we have clients that need this kind of control taken away from them thus removing the risk of huge/skewed images but we also have a large base of users who are fully capable and would loathe the idea of being restricted in this manner. After all the Ark Media's goal is to be a simple yet feature rich media manager as opposed to a quick upload & insert jobby.
This suggests that perhaps there needs to be a more comprehensive permission system to allow user groups varying levels of control over the resize feature.

Feel free to add/subtract thoughts and options so we can build up a good view of where the resize feature needs to go next.



by joris85 on 13.01.2016 19:26

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your very nice reply!

I see this is accepted.
I was at your comment on vacation for 6 weeks and now i see this reaction.
I see its completed so i wonder what you decided to do.

And i understand that sometimes people need big banners.
I have allot of customers that does not want different sizes, and the banner is my task ;-)

So a parameter with options and disable can manage this for more people.
On upload telling the size and asking for the output size is super nice ofcourse!.
But even that is a step that 90% of my customers do not need because its just 600x or so.


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