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Group the various configuration options



Ark media manager with is inline tool make Joomla article edition much more intuitive, but the configuration is a little harsh.

My feature request is to group the various configuration options at the same place. or at least to group the more requested one.

To set up ArkEditor you need to go in differents places, like : 

Component > Ark Editor > Control pannel (the first collum of statistics is not interactif and you could not guess that the second is interactive) 

Component > Ark Editor > Pluggin manager : ( got 79 plugins installed, some can be configurable and some other are not, that's a lot of choice and place to look!)

Component > Ark Editor > Installer : Bring to extension manager : I don't understand the use when every thing are installed in pack... probably for a futher version...

Component > Ark Editor > Layout manager : 

Component > Ark Editor > Ark Editor : and you will have to go in two options tabs

Component > ARK Manager > Option wheel (whois hide in the top right), when you click on it, it's bring to Global configuration / ARK Manager... On left menu you need to go in Ark Editor and set the 4 tabs

I just realise that I can also configure by goin in Component > Ark Editor > Control pannel > Option wheel (whois hide in the top right) The option wheel is not only present in Control pannel.

I'm not scare of buttons or choice, you'r givin us latittude and I realy like it! My point is that it have a lot of usefull tool, who are hidden in many corner (global configuration, pluggin option, layout manager, arkeditor...). Even with the documentation it's hard to quickly find what we are looking for. Setting Arkmedia is taking a lot of time and sometime bring frustration because it's imposible to memorise where are hidden all the setting from a configuration to an another. 

I purchased Arkediting suit pro because you'r making for my clients Joomla article edition much more intuitve. Keep your good work.

Cheer :D

Ark Editor gagnonjeanfrancois 05.06.2015 22:13
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