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Image Editing Intro Images (and other missing locations)


When using the Ark Media for Joomla's intro & full image fields, do not skip the insert screen in order to allow for editing the image before inserting the link as opposed to a quick insert, leaving image editing soley to the article's main content area.

This would potentially be a plugin configuration option to allow for the preservation of quick insertion.

Note - Image editing has also been requested in the dedicated Ark Media page as well which ties into this feature request.

Ark Media paulc 03.08.2015 09:49
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by Paul C on 15.03.2016 09:19

There is a related bug spotted at the bottom of this ticket: http://arkextensions.com/technical-support/can-t-access-image-editing-feature-after-pro-upgrade, which mentions a "No image editing available" style message which appears shortly before the window is closed after an image is selected.

by Paul C on 10.06.2016 07:51

Ark Media has a large UI redesign scheduled in the pipeworks, so this feature may be incorporated into the refactoring of the UI.

by Vahid on 22.10.2016 04:32

Hi, is there any new news about this feature? its very important which i can edit intro&full image after upload them and before select them.

by Paul C on 23.11.2016 06:19

This feature is now available as of version 1.12.0.

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