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Date Folders for images/files


Hi, for big site with many images upload in a month its not good to have one folder for all upload picture's. i think its very good if ark media let users to choose a new function for solve this problem. my mean is auto create a folder for each year and 12 folder for each month in them. for example if i upload a image todat, ark media upload it in /2016/10/ and show this folder as default folder of users . so at end of october and begin of new month it can change automatically to new folder for november of 2016 (/2016/11/)

Ark Media paulc 25.10.2016 01:31
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by Paul C on 05.06.2017 08:33

On discussing this further, the behaviour described is quite bespoke and so probably wouldn't prove very useful to our other Ark Media users, so it wouldn't warrant including into Ark Media itself.

Also, it would require the website's server to run a cron job, which is a script that periodically runs. This script would then manually trigger a Joomla system plugin to create a folder each month/day. Cron Jobs require manually setting up, so again, Ark Media wouldn't be able to do this.

If you had any knowledge of PHP programming and Joomla system plugins we could give some tips on how to do this, otherwise we recommend hiring a Joomla developer to build this functionality.

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