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multiple insert for images



at this moment, we can upload multiple images to ark media manager. also we can select and marked multiple images in it. but we can't insert multiple images in content and if you choose insert button it show propertis of one image only. its very good if you create another insert button with a name like "multiple insert" and after choose it it show a thumbnail preview of all selected images and we can set a group propertis for all of them (allign,alt,title,...) and insert all of them in content with one click. it dont have any heavy style for images. only insert them in content Continuous (so if in another steps of develp, it let choose beauty style like grid or slide, can be more great for users)

Ark Media Vahid 25.10.2016 00:43
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by Paul C on 03.05.2017 12:18

This is a great suggestion, and something we have toyed with for a while, as it could be expanded to included a gallery feature as you mentioned as well.

This is on our todo list, but isn't as high priority at the moment now that Ark Widget it available to better handle the gallery side of multiple images.

by ousia2 on 14.02.2019 03:33

Yes i need multiple insert images feature too , ark media manager can do this now?

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