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Resize image and upload wizard option


I have build over 100 site's.

99% of the users have issues with images, choosing the dimensions and cropping and resizing.

So i would like to make this more easy for them.

I always use photoshop but i have the creative cloud subscription for 60 dollars a month :-)

Her is my vision about how the image upload can be better.

First add this joomla media plugin:


Important options:

  1. Max width on update an image

  2. Quality on import

  3. Delete metadata on import

What would make it really easy?

Import wizard

1. You create default image sizes and give them names (So DIM:  300x200 NAME: intro images, 650x500 NAME: article images, DIM: 1024x NAME: gallery images and so on... )

2. I upload an image by dragging it anywhere on the media manager.

3. I get a popup with the question to choose 

a. Upload image full size

b. Upload images wizard

4. option a - The image upload will be max the setting in max upload size (resize plugin)

4. option b - You get a dropdown or nice buttons with a few options and you choose "intro images".

The intro images has a width of 300 and a height of 200 px.

you get the image width a dragable window for rescaling but the ratio is always 300x200 i can make the the window bigger and smaller and the output will always be 300x200.

For me this is a feature that will change the mind of the use of joomla for my users and media management.

For me as developer it is fantastic but for my end users it is still difficult.


Who would love an image wizard like this to?

Ark Media joris85 27.02.2017 14:55
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by Paul C on 06.06.2018 10:01

Hi Joris,

Apologies for the late reply!
Great workflow. Drag, Drop & done is definitely the way to go for end-users as opposed to full control on insert which is definitely more geared towards developers and site admins. We'll definitely look at implementing some/all of these features.

Thanks Joris!


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