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#181 – Use of undefined constant is_plugin - assumed 'is_plugin' in administrator/com_arkmanager/views/default/tmpl/default.php on line 129

Posted in ‘ Ark Editor’
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Friday, 14 October 2016 11:33 BST

There is obviously a programming error in  administrator/components/com_arkmanager/views/default/tmpl/default.php  in line 129 where an if statements tests agains the non variable is_plugin where it should be $is_plugin .

I've seen issue #66 where this bug was already reported, but the advice given there to silence the error log is not a solution.

You have to cleanup your code like this (context diff):

[root@demo root]# diff -Naur administrator/components/com_arkmanager/views/default/tmpl/default.php.orig administrator/components/com_arkmanager/views/default/tmpl/default.php 
--- administrator/components/com_arkmanager/views/default/tmpl/default.php.orig 2016-10-14 12:16:33.429964824 +0200
+++ administrator/components/com_arkmanager/views/default/tmpl/default.php      2016-10-14 12:16:42.644920830 +0200
@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@


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Errors log
[14-Oct-2016 12:07:20 Europe/Berlin] PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant is_plugin - assumed 'is_plugin' in /data/www/ on line 129
Steps to replicate the issue
Look at the php error log while trying to install ark editor
Monday, 14 November 2016 11:28 GMT

This has been fixed in version 1.0.10.

Kindest Regards,


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