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#226 – Issue creating new folder/file with special characters

Posted in ‘ Ark Media’
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Thursday, 24 August 2017 15:29 BST

Hi, I just stumpled upon a issue when testing Ark Media Manager.

I tried to create a new folder and randomly called it 'nýggj_mappa' (meaning new_folder). I then recieved a success message telling me that the folder had been created.

But I could not see my newly created folder anywhere inside the Ark Media Manager.
I then tried to open the Joomla Media Manager and could see the folder there.

However I then noticed I couldn't access the folder or delete it because it had a special character 'ý'.
I didn't think about it when I created the folder, that Joomla doesn't permit folder creation with special character.

So using FTP I renamed the folder to 'nyggj_mappa'. It then appeared just fine within the Ark Media Manager.

The issue or bug here, is that Ark Media Manager should detect this and either support it or not permit it by giving a error message.
e.g. handle it similar like Joomla Media Manager handles such.

If I try to create a folder with special characters e.g. 'Nýggj_mappa' using the Joomla Media Manager I get following Error Message:
"Unable to create folder. Folder name must only contain alphanumeric characters and no spaces. "

Same goes for upload a new images/files. If I upload a image named eksampel 'nýggj.jpg' then Joomla handles this by just stripping the 'ý' so the saved name is 'nggj.jpg'. Ark Media however just uploads it as it is, and as result doesn't show in the Ark Media content, and the file can't be deleted or motified with Joomla Media Manager because of the special character.
However a file with a special character can still be inserted into a article using the Joomla Media Manager.

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In Ark Media, create a new folder named eksampel 'nýggj_mappa' (new_folder), or upload a new file. You'll get a success message telling you that 'nýggj_mappa Folder Created in: images.'
Thursday, 24 August 2017 17:48 BST

For file uploading I've noticed you can set ' Illegal Filename Characters ' in Ark Media parameters which fixes the issue uploading files with special character.
However the ' Illegal Filename Characters ' option doesn't seem to effect Folder Creation?

Friday, 25 August 2017 09:47 BST

Hi Hammur,

Thank you for taking the time to report this issue.

One of the reasons this happens is because Ark Media uses it's own folder/file filtering system on top of Joomla's native system which is partly where the inconsistencies lie. Also the underlying framework that handles the rendering of folders needs re-visiting to allow for more features such as folder renames as well as a more inclusive folder names.

Our long term plan is to open up the abilities to include more characters in both folder & file names. However, to achieve this we will need to drop Joomla's filtering system in favour of a custom built system that allows more than alpha-numeric characters. We will also need to assess server configurations more closely to check that they can support these extra characters because historically support has been poor/inconsistent at best.

Currently we are favouring faster loading times over meticulously checking servers & folder names as this has proved to be more important to our users. Though we do agree that we need to open up the naming side to more languages, so we'll be looking to improve this without affecting performance too much in a later release of Ark Media.

P.S. the Illegal Filename Characters is for file names only rather than folder names as well, although it would be handy to have this work for folder names too :)

Hopefully, that gives you an idea of what's going on, and although the changes required will be time consuming due to their comprehensive-overhaul nature we do hope to drastically improve this system for you in a future release of Ark Media!



Friday, 25 August 2017 09:48 BST

P.P.S we'll leave this ticket open/pending to ensure that we address this in an upcoming major release of Ark Media.

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