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#104 – Image resize not working anymore

Posted in ‘ JCK Editor’
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Monday, 11 January 2016 16:44 GMT



I have on 2 sites the problem that the resize is not working.
I installed ark and my customer was not happy about the image uploading in ARK because it does not resize automatic.

In JCK it was just upload and it was 650 width (with imageresize plugin).
Now he must do allot more for the image to be that size and was pissed off.

So i reinstalled the new version of JCK and the imageresize plugin was not possible to install.
So i returned a backup at the time it was working form the files and database.
If i upload the image it is not resizing.

So the files must be exact the same as a week ago but is not working.

I get this question so often that i need the resize plugin for the ARK.


So i have 2 options.
I pay you guys for the plugin or i pay a developer.

But i need that option (and i think its a must these days)

in ARK i have a client with 150MB images and after resizing and optimalisation its 15MB.
The media manager is so extremly slow if you have 150MB.


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Tuesday, 12 January 2016 11:04 GMT
Hi Joris,
The old 'JCK Image Manager' works the same as the 'ARK Media Manager' in that it only resizes the image on insert. In other words you would still need to upload the 150MB file to the server. As with the old JCK Image Manager you can set up pre-set sizes for image editing with the ARK Media manager, please see: .
The only way to deal with such a large 150MB  image is to develop something on the JavaScript sided which would allow you to edit the image down to size “before“ uploading it to the server.  This would a new feature.
Also please see our latest blog: In version 1.8.0b we have done a lot to speed things up and you can now also disable Thumbnails which means that the media manager doesn’t need to wait for images to be downloaded anymore. We are also working to still further its performance which will come out in the next release after that.
As this isn't really a bug will need to close this issue down
Many thanks,


Paul Franklin


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