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  1. marq_104
  2. Ark Widget
  3. Monday, July 29 2019, 05:43 PM
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I think it makes most sense to be able to add a layout template in source code view, but it's exactly in that view where the icon fades.

Unless you're starting on a clean article, adding a layout template adds it into the element the cursor is on.
(I dropped a thumbnail template into an article and each line of code was wrapped in a P tag.)
It should go above or below.

The only possibilty I had was to go to UIKIT an dcopy the structure from there and paset it into my source code where I wanted it.

Another advantage is that I can build up a page using layout parts even in existing content.

Paul Franklin Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi  marq_104

Many thanks for your tickets.

its an interesting idea. Just to let you know that we process feature requests here http://arkextensions.com/feature-requests

Many Thanks,



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